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Hand Dipped Chocolate Treats

Over the years, we have come a long way, being one of the most trusted brands. This was possible because we take immense pleasure in satisfying the taste buds of our customers with the best chocolate treats in the market. We use the best and most fresh ingredients for manufacturing the chocolate. We strive to make our customers happy through some delicious Hand-dipped chocolate treats.


We select the best cocoa for the production of our chocolates. For us, at the forefront of our core values is providing our customers with the best services. We ensure that the needs of our customers are fulfilled. Apart from making some delicious chocolates, we make sure that you get the product on time and exactly like you want it to be. 


Peterbrooke has been serving customers for a long time, we understand the magnificence of chocolates. We are always looking for new combinations that would help in enhancing the taste of our chocolates. We at Peterbrooke believe that there are endless possibilities and we strive for perfection. We can only achieve perfection when we try continuously. 


Our chocolate treats are great for gatherings, you can rest assured that the guests would have a good time. Our chocolate treats are made from the best quality chocolates which melt in your mouth. We take immense pleasure in satisfying the taste buds of our customers. We provide our customers with the most authentic products giving them total assurance over it. 


For several years, we have been serving customers all across Atlanta with the most delicious chocolate treats. People from other places have been reaching out to us due to the amazing service and quality we provide. 


We ensure that our chocolate is totally organic and does not contain any harmful chemicals. We use all the natural ingredients to make the chocolate treats. The cocoa solids in our products are exactly what they should be. We ensure that everything is done perfectly and meets the standards of our customers. The cocoa butter we use helps in making the chocolate melt in your mouth and have the most exquisite experience of eating chocolate. Our product such as the Caramel dipped apple tastes exquisite and is loved all across Atlanta.


We have the most professional staff at our disposal, who are hired because of their love for the work they do and extreme professionalism. We attribute our success not only to great taste, but also some really skilled and professional staff.

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