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Chocolate Making Parties and Social Events you Won't Want to Miss

For people of all ages, our chocolate making parties and social events are hands on good. Particularly for group outings, school trips, birthday parties, office bonding or just having fun, chocolate parties are a great way to socialize people.

If you are interested in chocolate making parties and social events that nobody would want to miss, you are at the right place. We have expertise in providing our customers with the best services in fun events atlanta.

Chocolate Parties for Teens and Adults

Everyone loves chocolate, it makes us go weak in the knees. Chocolate has been a symbol of love and affection for quite a long time. At our chocolate making parties and social events, you can get together and create some chocolate magic.

You would take a look at how the chocolate is grown, sourced and subsequently processed. You can also try a variety of different chocolates across the globe.

You can then have a go at working with the chocolates, mixing the ingredients, piping, dipping and decorating the chocolate in order to create your own unique chocolate creations obscured from the shards that are flavoured, the decadent truffles and the chocolate lollies to name a few.

We organize parties with a difference

  • We initiate by explaining briefly what makes up chocolates, as we introduce the latter about the chocolate making process that requires a bit of understanding about the chocolate we start off by telling them how chocolate is made. We show them the real cocoa pods, real cocoa beans and they’ll taste cocoa nib (the inside of the cocoa bean).

  • We always use the highest quality of the chocolates. You then taste the chocolates.

  • You are made to make a couple of simple moulded products for which you use a large variety of inclusions and decorations.

  • Then we’ll give an explanation for a way to color chocolate, multiple youngsters can color a few white chocolate (pink or yellow or both!) then all of the youngsters can drizzle and enhance their molded merchandise with the colored chocolate.

  • Kids make a few chocolate lollipops (2) the use of switch sheets (a switch sheet is certainly colored cocoa butter that places a fit for human consumption sample on chocolate), enhance, drizzle & feather with white / colored white chocolate.

  • Then the youngsters make their own ‘Rolo’ fashion chocolates (6), once more the use of a whole lot of inclusions / elements to make their merchandise gorgeous.

  • After making their own ‘Rolo’ chocolates, the youngsters get to make a few fantastic milk chocolate desserts and coat them, yummy!

  • Finally, the youngsters will package their extremely good creations into luggage to take home.

We have the perfect formula for the celebratory events. If you are planning for a birthday party, a family get together or any other event or celebration, we strive our best to make it one of the most special days for you. At our venues we run many chocolate parties, we also make the chocolate parties fun for you.

Chocolate making Parties and Social Events

The chocolate social events are brilliant for hen parties, corporate events and large birthday groups. Have a drink, a laugh, and most importantly, make some treats and do not forget to take them home!

At Peterbrooke chocolate, we care about the needs of our customers. We provide some of the best chocolate making classes to our customers. Chocolate making parties and social events can help in relaxing you and have some quality time learning to make chocolates. We have some of the best professionals working for us.

Visit peterbrooke chocolatier and experience one of the best Fun Events Atlanta as we organize chocolate making parties and social events that you do not want to miss.

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