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Custom Graduation Chocolate Covered Strawberries To Die For

Updated: Jan 28, 2022

Everyone knows that graduation season is one of the most proud and exciting times of the year. Not only for students but for parents, it means figuring out how to feed the guests when they come celebrating this big day. The most important and forgotten aspect of any graduation day food is the one before the meal.

Yes!! You guessed it right!

A tasty and enticing chocolate covered strawberries for graduation to make everyone's day. If you want to spice up your graduation party, then do let us know and leave everything to us.

Choose Peterbrooke For The Sweetest Moments Of Your Life

Welcome to Peterbrooke Atlanta, we are a premier Chocolatier graduation strawberries provider specializing in custom designed desserts, including the beautiful and astonishing strawberry covered centerpieces for the best and memorable moments of your life. We find great pleasure in being the most popular chocolate providers and all of our clients are free to choose any of their favorite toppings or accent coloring too.

What We Can Offer?

  • With many years of working in this area and dealing in dipping chocolates, you can rest assured that we’ve found the tastier and healthy strawberries decadent chocolate in Atlanta. Just choose from the semi sweet or dark chocolates with strawberry toppings including cookies, almonds, and edible glitter of your choice and need.

  • We can make chocolate specialties that have the best tastes ever to make your graduation unforgettable. Each of our items is laced with the combined blend of passion, inspiration, and ultra serious baking know-how. Moreover, we like working with our humble clients who commemorate the happiness, momentous accomplishments and many other joyous occasions with us.

  • From the beginning of your order, we get along with you and in fact become a part of your occasion, creating centerpieces for your unique occasion.

  • Our clients always retain us not because we are affordable or our items simply taste amazingly good (which they are), but because of the renowned artistry touch combined with our tasty and homemade recipes using some of the finest ingredients available.

  • Our graduation chocolate covered strawberries and other recipes are quite unique and boast real grade chocolate, vanilla, cocoa, fresh fruit extracts and pure compounds. Moreover we don’t ever use artificial and chemically induced flavorings in our items.

It is our sole passion for quality and excellence on every level which separates us from the rest of the competition out there. It is who we are and this passion is what boosts our morale to continue providing high standard items including great services. Additionally, our each and every product is made from scratch and on site without bad fats and only with high quality natural ingredients only.

Peterbrooke takes immense pride in using the finest ingredients in order to make delicious chocolate treats for your graduation day.

Get the crowd moving now, don’t wait anymore.

We as a team also offer special orders for clients, so call us today and experience the difference!

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