How to Make Double Dipped Caramel Apples - Christmas Sweet Treats

Double dipped caramel apples are amazingly delicious, At Peterbrooke we make your festive seasons even better by providing you the top quality Caramel dipped apple. The epic caramel apples are dipped in a really thick caramel, then drizzled with the highest quality chocolate and subsequently dipped in chopped pecans along with a light garnishing of coarse salt.

Want to make some delicious double dipped caramel apples? Here is the perfect guide for you-

For making the caramel apples, the first step is to get rid of the pesky wax coating unless you want your apple to slip and fall on the floor. Put the apples in the refrigerator for the purpose of storing them.

The best way of washing the apples is by filling a medium saucepan with water, and subsequently boiling it. Once it has boiled, you must then dip the apple into the boiling water and twirl it. After this take a dry paper towel and quickly wipe off the wax that is still remaining. If any wax is still remaining use a soft vegetable brush with water. Dry the apple after removing most of the wax.

Caramel for Dipping

Next unwrap all of the caramel in a single everyday length bag of Kraft caramels. Place them in a small glass bowl that is microwaveable.

Next upload 1/four cup mild corn syrup. Remember those are “Double” caramel apples so we won’t be including water to the caramel’s just like the conventional recipe calls for, simply corn syrup. It makes a pleasing thick caramel.

Place the bowl withinside the microwave on excess for two minutes. Using a warm pad for the bowl, Check and stir. If they're now no longer melted, locate them returned in for any other minute, then take a look at them again. It shouldn’t take more than four minutes.

Remove the microwave subsequently and then stir it quickly. The caramel should be creamy and melted perfectly.

Dipping the Apples

Now it's the time for dip and swirl. You must dip the apple completely into the caramel and twirl it till the caramel coats up every inch of the apple. Remember, the caramel should be on the apple and not on the floor which would be a disaster of epic proportions.