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Team Building Events


Some of our favorite events to host are chocolate team building experiences for corporations, small businesses, and internal teams! It’s exciting to wake people up from a long day of  meetings with a chocolate break — featuring some of the best artisan chocolate in the world! Coworkers discover new things about each other during our icebreakers, where guests share their earliest memories of chocolate. It’s a fully interactive Virtual or In-Store chocolate tasting — team building is at the center of all the chocolatey fun. 

Why Chocolate for Team Building? 

  • Everyone loves chocolate!

  • It’s the perfect gift to send colleagues or clients!

  • It’s fun to learn something new about a favorite food.

  • It’s a fun nonalcoholic treat that complies with many corporate requirements.

  • It pairs well with wine, tea, and other fun foods and beverages — all of which we can include in your tasting. 

Book your Virtual or In-Store event here. 


Did you know cacao naturally contains both caffeine and theobromine? That makes it an ideal way to recharge and keep plugging away on those important projects. If it’s the end of the day, why not add in wine or beer and cheese. We love talking about these unique pairings and know having fun is key to team-bonding success!

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